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Local consolidation for global positioning

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The challenge

Grupo Patio entrusted us with permanent strategic and creative advice through all our areas of expertise (communications, advertising, digital, branding, and crisis) both at a corporate level and for each of its business divisions, real estate assets, and also in countries in South and North America where they are present. 

Among the many challenges that we have taken on, the initiative “The other utility” stands out, with which we positioned the measures that Grupo Patio implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as their thoughts regarding the role of companies, which set one of the crucial milestones in the company’s reputation.

Our solution

At Simplicity, we defined a long-term strategy with a comprehensive approach to their communications, involving all our areas of expertise. During the first phase, the company’s projects had to speak out and position themselves, demonstrating their “different way of doing things through solid examples.”Thanks to the positioning and differentiation achieved in that first stage, the second one was more focused on enhancing its reputation on a corporate level, turning Grupo Patio into a benchmark in its industry and the business world in general. A reputational path was defined for the international expansion of Grupo Patio to Peru, Mexico, and the United States, leveraging communication on the attributes built throughout its past but also complementing and enriching it with a solid knowledge of the context and particularities of each of these markets.

The impact

In the 2017 and 2018 Latin American Shopping Center Awards, Grupo Patio stood out in the Excellence in Marketing and Public Relations category. In 2018 and 2019, it received the Sustainability award from the Chamber of Shopping Centers.

In 2020 the “The other utility” initiative was recognized at the Eikon Awards (the most relevant one related to excellence in Institutional Communication in Chile) with two golden statues in the General Campaign for Institutional Communication and Institutional Advertising categories; as well as with a Silver Effie in the Public Relations category. In 2021 Grupo Patio was chosen as one of the most effective Chilean marketers by Marketers by Adlatina.

Additionally, Grupo Patio’s novelties related to the international field also generated an impact. Not only on the primary media sources in each country but also in Chile. This helped encourage the permanent interest of the company’s stakeholders in its movements and operations in each of these markets. 

The publications generated in the media reached an annual average PR Value of more than 1 million dollars. 

The reputational work has also contributed to reinforcing the confidence of leading investors in the company. Only between 2019 and 2022 (despite having been strongly impacted by the pandemic and its economic consequences) has Grupo Patio managed to complete two capital increases, successfully launch seven new real estate funds and establish three grants.

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