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Patio Outlet

The impact of a good concept

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Communications

The challenge

Patio Comercial entrusted us with advertising its first outlet project and differentiating it from other offers on the market. The challenge included creating strategic positioning concepts starting from the stage before the development of the asset, which made it possible to label its unique attributes definitively and permanently assist and enhance the excellent performance of its operation. . 

Our solution

At Simplicity, we took charge of all the conceptual development of the asset. This was the mainstay created for the architectural project for La Fábrica Patio Outlet. As of that initial formulation, we developed a strategy to position the outlet as one of Chile’s first commercial rescue projects. It has generated a strong bond with the community, thanks to having recovered the building of one of the most emblematic textile factories in the country, Manufacturas Sumar, and turning it into a place to find attractive buying opportunities.

The impact

During the first three years of operation, we managed media appearances with a PR Value of close to 2 million dollars, actively contributing to obtaining the Silver award from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in the Public Relations category and one of the awards for Sustainable Innovation granted by the Chilean Chamber of Shopping Centers in 2019. Today it is a must-see spot for thousands of consumers and neighbors and a recurrent place to develop new stories on sales and purchases on national television channels.

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Patio Outlet