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Santo Tomás

With a clear path

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The challenge

At Simplicity, we know that we live in a context where private higher education has been questioned and, at the same time, is very competitive. We focused on advising Santo Tomás to enhance its institutional prestige in public opinion and opinion leaders.

Our solution

Using strategic advice and permanent press, focusing on our communication and crisis expertise (both in prevention and in its management), we positioned the central institutional authorities in matters of education, as well as expert spokespersons in their corresponding areas for each of the three Santo Tomás institutions: the University, the Professional Institute, and the Technical Training Center. This was achieved by a clear reputational route that aims, among other things, to position the three institutions and their academic offer as a relevant contribution to higher education in the country, allowing access to quality training for thousands of young people, and working with them to reach their potential to become agents of change in society.

The impact

Since 2016 we have produced media publications with an annual average PR Value of more than two million dollars by permanently positioning its spokespersons from the different faculties, schools, and areas, which in turn allows us to advertise the vast and diverse academic offer of the three institutions. 

Working on building a reputation has contributed, among other things, to the fact that today the University, Professional Institute, and the Technical Training Centers are recognized by the National Accreditation Commission for periods of between 4 and 5 years, thus making it possible for the three institutions to be ascribed to the free education policy in Chile (for which accreditation is an essential requirement).

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Santo Tomás