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Eduardo Bertrán


Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Eduardo Bertrán

“Awards? The prize is crafting creativity that makes sense and excites but, above all, achieves goals.”

Eduardo — or “Edo” as he’s known — was the kind of kid that sneaked away with the family camera to shoot his own short film over the summer break. The kid that ran the student council, the school newspaper and the end-of-year play, inventing things and involved in a million projects all at once.

Which explains why his professional experience has been like a page out of the “Where’s Wally?” book of creativity: so much going on and in the last place you would guess. Edo hosted his own TV show, was a documentary maker, columnist, pseudo-actor, MTV award nominee (and later worked in Miami for MTV), archive director for the movie “No”, and radio host… a list that ranges from the official coverage of the rescue of the 33 miners to the teenage drummer of a punk rock band. Because that’s how his head works. You’re more likely to find him walking around drumming on the side of his leg than sitting at his desk.

He’s a multitasker and a series-collector (his current obsession is collecting analog photography) In fact, all the photography on this website are his. He’s passionate about travelling to exotic countries and he’s a dog-lover.

Everything about Eduardo is part of a great story, to the point that his highly acclaimed radio column was called “stories by Edo”. Absolutely nothing in his daily life is normal. Or maybe you know somebody that was diagnosed with Covid, broke his foot, got a black eye because a box fell on his face, and was mistakenly threatened by a Jehovah’s Witnesses all in the same week?

For years he worked in creativity for brands and the media industry, learning on the job, directing commercials and spots on TV and radio.

He learned that he was more interested in results than winning awards. And to focus on the audience experience and what they would think and feel with the messaging, regardless of the channel it was on. The very essence of a brand.

Even though he had never worked in an office before, his leadership, his strong desire to achieve consensus, his sleepy face and deadpan sense of humor make him a key player in what drives Simplicity: creativity.

Despite the odds, he never once doubted that this was the place for him. He gets to think and do different things all the time with people from other professional backgrounds and no limits. He has a lot of fun doing it and he doesn’t have to wear a tie.

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Eduardo Bertrán