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Matías Cartajena


Founder & CEO

Matías Cartajena

“At Simplicity we bring the best out of each of us, and we place our diversity and unique skills at the service of the team and the clients. We don’t want big stars. No one is better than all of us together.”

Everything in Matías’ life revolves around teams.

It is rare to visit Matias home and find less than fifteen people at any given time — including his five kids, friends, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles, or anyone who might need a little company. It’s a similar story at the office. Even though we are all part of his team, we often find ourselves in a cart of that roller coaster that is to take on a challenge for one of the clients that he loves to get personally involved with. That’s how a press release can become a memorable movie, or a “simple” Facebook post can turn into a World Cup final. Because nothing is enough if there’s a goal to fulfill and you always must anticipate what’s coming next.

Matías’ work ethic and insightful take on life come from the rugby pitch, where he learnt that every play is important, and every player has a chance to shine. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small. There’s room on the team for everyone and it’s the captain’s job to get the best out of each of them. Train hard, lean on each other, play fairly, get rough if it’s necessary, and always try to have fun.

In his more than twenty years of experience at news outlets and PR firms, his focus has always been on clients being happy. The goal is for them to shine, not him. Because sweet-talking, awards and accolades, or the pictures and the flowers are not his thing.

He likes to choose the people he works with as well as the clients. Obsessed with details, hard on himself, and demanding of others, he sees mediocracy as the worst sin and doesn’t like to be a yes-men: “They don’t hire us to agree with them.”

He might have a bad memory, but he always has on his mind a new perk for the team, a new trend that he heard on a trip abroad, a video on Instagram of a potential partner, a memory of a lost summer or just a pending lunch date with you.

The world might be going in one direction, but when Matías has an idea in mind he turns everything around to be the first one to make it happen. He gives everything he has on a pitch, has a great time during the process, and loves to celebrate the wins, even when they come with a few bruises.

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Matías Cartajena