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Pensar con libertad

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The challenge

Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) was looking to position its educational model, which is unique in Chile, is based on Liberal Arts, and is used by some of the most important universities worldwide.

Our solution

We developed an in-depth diagnosis of the university and its competition while surveying good practices nationally and globally. Studies focus groups and interviews were also conducted and led to the need for a strategy with short, medium, and long-term actions, revolving around a series of corporate campaigns that were added to the approach (undergraduate and postgraduate admissions) using the “think freely” creative concept. 

During the first phase, the goal was to explain how the educational model promotes critical thinking in its students (and to position the university’s different faculties). The second phase focused on displaying different angles on current issues, using critical thinking from the university’s point of view, and opening up to discover their perspective instead of imposing a predefined criterion. The final phase was to shine a light on the interdisciplinary character offered by this model. Students produced videos of innovations, showing “out of the box” solutions that helped improve people’s life quality.

The impact

The sustained growth of 58% per year in social networks, both in interactions and community, drawing more than 1 million users per campaign.

A total of 70% complete views of the “Think freely” ad on Youtube, compared to an average rate of 30%.

During the campaign, the viewing of audiovisual productions increased from less than 1,000 to 1,568,550.

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