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The Downs are Up

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The challenge

As a certified B Corp, we are committed to contributing to the solution of social problems. Therefore in 2014, we developed our first social welfare campaign to promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society.


Our solution

Based on the naming and branding of the initiative, we carried out a photographic exhibition that brought together 100 children and young people with Down syndrome and 23 of the most outstanding Chilean photographers. These portraits were part of an itinerant urban intervention that took its first steps in Santiago and Viña del Mar and continued for a year in different cities along the country, changing the perspective around disability and touching the hearts of society.

The impact

The exhibition drew close to 3 million spectators. In addition, a public and political agenda was developed in favor of people with this condition. Lastly, the book “Ojos que ven, corazón que siente” collected the stories, testimonies, and photographs of 100 Chilean families who are closely aware of the need to include children and young people with Down syndrome in our country.

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In sight, in mind